SHW as a brand exists for more than 600 years, making it one of the oldest companies in the automotive industry. Although it was initially involved in ore mining, SHW quickly became known for its ingenuity and dedication to accomplishing things that were technically challenging. The same mindset followed the SHW brand for centuries.

Today, SHW is known for manufacturing a wide range of products, mostly focused on the automotive industry. Their product line includes parts for engine and transmission oil pumps, high-density gear wheels, camshaft phaser components, and sintered aluminum parts. That being said, SHW is best known for its brake system components. 

SHW AG currently employs more than 1,600 people in over 9 locations across the globe.

In this article, we’ll cover the history of SHW, their OEM and aftermarket segment, and more. Ultimately we’ll try to answer the question from the title — is SHW OEM? 

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The Long History Of SHW

The SHW company started all the way back in 1365. At the time the company specialized in ore mining and smelting. This would be SHW’s primary industry for the next 500 years. It wasn’t until 1925 that marked its shift towards the automotive industry. The company has done this by building a car prototype ahead of everyone else. This vehicle had an aluminum chassis, independent suspension, and a number of innovative solutions that didn’t go into serial production until decades later. In short, it was visionary. 

However, it would be another 25 years before SHW started manufacturing brake discs for the automotive industry. The company dedicated an entire manufacturing facility in Tuttlingen-Ludwigstal for this very purpose. 

In 1978, the company expanded its portfolio to include hydraulic pumps, which was a turning point for the company. This decision paved the way for a massive expansion into other areas of automotive parts. 

In its more recent history, SHW Automotive GmbH changed hands a few times. It was sold to Nordwind Capital in 2005 when the other non-automotive operations were split off again to VGW Wasseralfingen GmbH. 

The company changed its legal status to a stock corporation and began trading as SHW AG. The SHW share began trading on July 7, 2011, with the symbol SW1 in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In 2017, SHW Automotive acquired Lust Hybrid-Technik GmbH, and strengthened its position in the field of electric cars, thus maintaining that visionary attitude that helped SHW last for 6 centuries. 

Is SHW OEM or Aftermarket?

The three primary business divisions that makeup SHW’s platform are brake discs, powder metallurgy, and pumps & engine components. Their mechanical and electric pumps are utilized in passenger cars, trucks, vans, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and stationary engines. 

Additionally, they provide high-performance brake discs that meet strict motorsports requirements, ranging from standard cast rotors to high-performance brake discs. 

Under the SHW Performance brand, SHW manufactures more than 290 different types of brake discs for the aftermarket segment. SHW itself manufactures OE brake components for all kinds of vehicles. 

shw performance wavy rotors
SHW Performance advanced “wavy” rotor design.

SHW founded SHW Performance in 2020. Its main goal was to establish SHW as a brand that not only produces quality OEM parts but also high-quality aftermarket solutions. At the same time, they established their first US branch, which is based in Irvine, California.

This is a natural progression for a company that has reached a very high level of expertise and technical prowess. Their aftermarket performance rotors are quickly proving to be a near-peer alternative to some of the traditional high-performance offerings from brands such as Brembo and others. 

Which Brands is SHW OEM for?

OEM brakes are made by SHW Brake Systems. Their product range covers all popular European car brands including BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and others. That being said, SHW also produces OEM brake components for US car manufacturers. 

Producing brake rotors of the highest caliber requires a number of key building blocks, including raw materials, cutting-edge production techniques, rigorous testing, and strict quality control systems.

Are SHW Parts Worth Using?

To put it simply SHW IS an OEM manufacturer with a proven track record of quality and reliability. With SHW Performance, the company is offering an OEM-like range of products for vehicles that aren’t on their OEM list

Is SHW OEM for your car? This question may not be relevant given how fast this company is expanding its aftermarket range. The most important thing to know is that you can trust this company to deliver reliable and safe braking performance. After all, their rotors and other components are found on cars such as Porsche 911 GT3 and Audi R8. Chances are that SHW’s rotors will work for your car as well. 

Understanding the history of this company, and which makes and models SHW is OEM for, you can decide for yourself whether parts from the manufacturer that supplies big brands such as Porsche and BMW are good enough for your car.

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