Is Nissens OEM?

When a car with an internal combustion engine runs, it emits heat and a lot of it. For the car’s engine to work at an optimum temperature and prevent overheating, it requires a sophisticated cooling system. Nissens is one of the European manufacturers that offer high-quality engine cooling components that are fitted to a range of European, Asian, and North American vehicles.

In this article, we’ll go through the Nissens product catalog, general information about the brand, which car brands use Nissens products, and lastly, we’ll answer the question — is Nissens OEM?

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About Nissens

Nissens is a brand with more than a hundred years of history. The company was founded in 1921 in Horsens, Denmark, and has since become an authority in automotive cooling components. The industries that Nissens covers include automotive, mining, rail, defense, off-highway, and power generation industries including renewable energy segments such as wind and solar.

Over the years, Nissens has grown significantly. The company now has 18 sales offices scattered across three continents, and three manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Slovakia, and China.

Nissens Product Range

Nissens started as an engine cooling parts manufacturer, however, over the years, it has expanded its product range to other categories as well. Today, Nissens offers three distinctive product categories that include engine cooling, AC, and efficiency and emissions. These categories are all related to the automotive industry.

Products from the engine cooling category include radiators, oil coolers, fan clutches, water pumps, expansion tanks, temperature sensors, and EC fans. Nissens is going up against tier-one brands like Hitachi in this segment, which is a testament to the quality of their product.

The AC category includes condensers, blowers, receiver dryers, evaporators, heaters, AC fans, expansion valves, pressure sensors, and compressors. 

Lastly, the efficiency and emissions category includes products such as intercoolers, EGR solutions, oil feed pipes, as well as turbos.

These part categories are essential for optimal engine operation and passenger comfort and the fact that Nissens recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary speaks volumes about the quality of its products.

Importance Of R&D

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Research and development are the cornerstones of Nissens’ corporate philosophy.

With the main focus on engine cooling and AC component, Nissens has been able to meet the needs of its automotive clients, even if that meant stepping outside the box to find a solution. Over the years, Nissens has expanded its product line to cover more than 97% of the automotive market.

Aside from covering such a large portion of the automotive market, Nissens is known for its quality, durability, and expertise in the field.

Today, Nissens is partnered with several car brands to provide OEM parts. These car brands include Volvo, Scania, Mazda, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Lamborghini, SAAB, Fiat, and Aston Martin. 

Is Nissens OEM or Aftermarket?

The simplest way to answer the question is Nissens OEM or aftermarket is to say that it’s both. With such a large coverage, Nissens has one of the largest catalogs of aftermarket replacement parts in the engine cooling and AC segment.

Although Nissens provides OEM parts to several European and Asian car manufacturers, its aftermarket segment is much larger. On average, Nissens develops around 30 new products per month across the three main part categories.

Aftermarket products from Nissens are made in the same production facilities as OEM parts, and the same production and testing process was used to ensure an exact-fit experience for its clients.

Are Nissens Parts Recommended By Professionals?

One of the main reasons why professionals recommend Nissens parts is their availability. Almost every European, Asian, and North American car on the road is covered by their products, and they’re easy to find. In addition to that, Nissens provides high-quality components that meet or exceed the highest automotive standards. 

When it comes to important parts such as engine cooling and efficiency and emissions, there’s no room for low-quality products, and Nissens is fully aware of this. Keeping high production, and testing standards, this brand has acquired a reputation as one of the best in the business.