Is Lesjofors OEM for Your Vehicle?

A vehicle’s suspension system provides ride quality, safety, and performance capabilities. Aside from the engine and transmission, the suspension system is one of the most important parts of any vehicle.

Springs play a significant role in the proper functioning of the suspension. Lesjofors is one of the most popular spring manufacturers for European cars and light commercial vehicles. Even though it’s been present on the automotive market for a very long time, drivers still wonder is Lesjofors OEM or aftermarket.

This article will answer this question by covering the brand’s history, product line, quality control, and more.

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More Than 300 Years Of History

The Lesjofors name first appeared almost 350 years ago. Of course, they weren’t making springs back then. Instead, the company ran an iron mill that was located in close proximity to today’s manufacturing facility in Sweden. It wasn’t until 1852 that the first coil spring was manufactured by this company.

Once Lesjofors started manufacturing coil springs, its popularity and business started growing. This happened because the demand for coil springs started increasing significantly, but also due to a number of acquisitions that Lesjofors made throughout the years. 

In 1989, Lesjofors was acquired by the Beijer Alma AB group, but it continued providing high-quality parts to the automotive industry under its own brand. 

What Made Lesjofors Such a Successful Brand?

By providing quality parts to its customers for decades, Lesjofors has become one of the most brands in the automotive industry. In the automotive market, quality is just one of many factors that have an effect on a company’s success.

When it comes to Lesjofors, high product quality is the primary factor that made it a recognizable brand, but without superior customer service and cost-effective production, the success wouldn’t last for such a long time. 

The Lesjofors catalog covers most European car models and is considered one of the largest coil spring catalogs in the automotive market. The wide range of products and fast distribution across the globe allow Lesjofors to meet the highest demands.

Research, Development, and Quality Control

Lesjofors wouldn’t be able to expand its product range if it didn’t invest in research and development. They’ve optimized both of these processes by having them take place in the same state-of-the-art facilities. By using the highest quality spring steel and the newest CNC machines, Lesjofors provides consistent quality of its products.

When it comes to quality control, each spring that leaves the production line is quality-assured and comes with a three-year warranty. No matter whether springs are manufactured for reputable OEMs or the aftermarket, they’re made with the same materials and in the same manufacturing facilities. This means that any spring you choose from Lesjofors provides the same ride quality and durability as factory-fitted springs.

OEM or Aftermarket?

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With more than a century of experience in manufacturing automotive springs, it’s no surprise that Lesjofors supplies some of Europe’s leading OEMs. Aside from supplying leading car brands with springs, Lesjofors also focuses on the automotive aftermarket, providing OEM-equivalent and performance-focused components.

To answer the question is Lesjofors OEM or aftermarket, it’s safe to say that it’s both.

Lesjofors Product Range

For those that consider automotive springs one of the simplest parts of a suspension system, there’s much more to it than that. The Lesjofors product range includes coil springs, gas springs, leaf springs, sport springs, and U-bolts. 

Their OEM coil springs provide the same performance as factory-fitted springs. It’s highly recommended to replace both coil springs on an axle to avoid fast deterioration of the opposite side and uneven ride height. 

Gas springs aren’t a part of the suspension system. These springs are used to help open the hood or trunk and keep it open. Although it doesn’t seem like an important part, you’ll realize its importance if it doesn’t work as it should. All gas springs are made to OE standards.

Leaf springs are used for heavier SUVs, 4x4s pickup trucks, and light commercial vehicles. 

Lastly, the sport springs are used as replacements to lower the car and increase the performance and grip. Lesjofors provides sport springs only as a kit because different springs on each axle can lead to decreasing grip. Most of these kits are TUV certified which means that the highest levels of performance and safety are guaranteed.

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