Is Delphi OEM?

Despite being one of the younger companies in the automotive industry, Delphi is famous for its variety of automotive parts that are used by a number of tier-1 carmakers around the world. That being said, many people are still wondering is Delphi OEM, or are they an aftermarket manufacturer?

In this guide, we’ll try to provide an answer to this question. We’ll cover their short history, important facts about the brand, product line, and more. By the time you’re done, you should have a solid grasp on whether Delphi is the right brand for your car. 

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The Delphi History

Delphi became an independent company in 1999 when it separated from GM. Prior to going independent, Delphi was a division of GM tasked with developing and manufacturing parts for this carmaker. Due to their mutual relationship, the company continued to maintain a good relationship with GM, remaining one of its main parts suppliers. 

In 2005 Delphi filed for bankruptcy, causing shockwaves across the US automotive industry. More than 3,000 people lost their jobs in the process and the company took a serious PR hit. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Delphi to recuperate and become solvent again. From then on, the company grew at a steady rate, 

After a rough couple of years, Delphi has rebranded into Aptiv in late 2017, and it spun off its powertrain and aftermarket division into an independent company named Delphi Technologies PLC.

In January 2020, BorgWarner acquired Delphi Technologies PLC, with the deal being finalized in October 2020.

Is Delphi OEM or Aftermarket?

When most people talk about Delphi, they are usually talking about Delphi Technologies — the company that broke away from what is now Aptiv. Delphi Technologies remains one of the most popular OEM brands in the industry. That being said, they also offer a pretty extensive lineup of aftermarket products for vehicles that are not included in their OEM segment. 

Speaking of which, Delphi OEM catalog covers most US domestic brands, as well as a whole range of foreign makes and models. So much so that Delphi has separate catalogs for the US and European market.

The BMW crowd knows Delphi quite well. This brand, along with Bosch and Eldor, is the main producer of ignition coils for a wide range of BMW cars. Depending on the BMW engine, Delphi’s ignition coils might be the best possible choice available on the market. That says a lot about the quality of their products as well as their ability to deliver reliable performance on a large scale. 

What Parts Does Delphi Make?

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Delphi has been a part of the automotive industry for many years, and during that time, it has employed some of the best engineers that developed a wide range of parts. Today, the Delphi brand is known for manufacturing parts for air conditioning systems, brakes, engine management, power electronics, steering, suspension, ignition, fuel injection, fuel management, and many more. 

The thing about Delphi is that they make OE-quality products for the aftermarket, and more than 40,000 different parts cover passenger vehicles, light and medium commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, as well as agricultural, marine, and industrial applications.

Are Delphi Parts Worth Installing In Your Car?

The fact is Delphi OEM parts are installed in a number of new vehicles in production today. This only confirms that Delphi, even though it had a rough period in the 2000s, develops and manufactures high-quality automotive parts.

When it comes to replacement parts for the aftermarket, the same technology and production processes are used. This, and strict quality control ensure that Delphi parts are made to adhere to the highest standards in the automotive field. 

If you’re wondering is Delphi OEM a good choice when it comes to replacement parts for your car, you don’t have anything to worry about. Delphi parts will make your car run safely, and will withstand any driving condition.

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