Is Bilstein OEM?

Bilstein has got to be one of the most popular brands in the automotive world, at least when it comes to suspension. Their iconic blue and yellow color scheme is recognizable by car enthusiasts all over the world. Most of us have heard about Bilstein’s aftermarket segment, but not many can tell whether Bilstein has an OEM division. 

Today, we’ll try to answer a simple question — is Bilstein OEM? Does this iconic brand produce OE spec parts for your particular vehicle? Let’s find out. 

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German Origin

Germany is well known around the world for its contribution to the automotive industry, having innovated and provided a bunch of revolutionary solutions over the years. German cars are still some of the best out there, and for a good reason. All that said, it’s not surprising that Bilstein is one of the many automotive companies, just like Bosch and others, that has its roots in Germany.

For decades Bilstein has built its reputation in the automotive industry, and since its founding in 1873, has never failed in that task. Being a family-run business since its foundation, Bilstein’s work ethic was a bit different compared to most other brands in the industry. 

The company’s entry into the automotive business is linked to the founder’s son, Hans Bilstein, who worked in the US and returned full of ideas when it comes to amazing ideas. Those same ideas helped the company surpass create some of the best suspension components in the world.  

What Brands Does Bilstein Supply With OEM Parts?

Bilstein has an advantage over its main competition thanks to its expertise in coil springs, dampers, stabilizers, shocks, and struts. The company was always striving for that bleeding edge, which is why Mercedes-Benz reached out to them to collaborate on the S-Class W220 Airmatic system back in 1997. 

In addition to Mercedes, this company also serves as an original equipment supplier for companies like Porsche, BMW, Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari, Jaguar, and Lotus.

When you purchase a Bilstein OEM product, you’re getting something that usually exceeds OE specifications. This company is known for using its more advanced technologies in standard OE product lines, which ensures product durability and longevity. 

The fast production and development of Bilstein’s gas pressure shock absorber led to its 16 international patents. The advanced pattern technology used in the creation of Bilstein parts will keep your automobile running smoothly for a very long period. That is something only a Top Tier OEM brand can repeatedly, year in, year out. 

Is Bilstein OEM or Aftermarket?

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Aside from being an OEM supplier to a number of reputable automotive brands, Bilstein also produces a full range of aftermarket suspension parts. That being said, whether their OEM or aftermarket products are better for your car is a question of application rather than quality. 

Bilstein’s aftermarket segment includes products that take things a step further from their OE line. Kits such as their B12 or B16 are enough to transform the way your car handles. Not only are you getting a lower ride that offers more fidelity, but you’re also getting access to granular suspension adjustment. 

That way you can spec your car for whatever purpose you have in mind. Because of that, Bilstein’s aftermarket segment can be better than their OE line. It all comes down to what you’re trying to accomplish. 

Even so, the research and development department of Bilstein is constantly working on creating new suspension technologies and innovative solutions. Although innovation is definitely welcome, it doesn’t mean much without reliability. Every suspension part this company sells comes with a good warranty.

When Genuine parts can’t be bought, OEM quality items from Bilstein are often the best alternative that is going to give you that premium ride worth your money.

Even Bilstein claims that upgrading to even some of their most basic aftermarket setups will improve riding quality and reliability on even the most recent BMW or Audi models. Most trucks, SUVs, and other performance-oriented automobiles that weren’t previously supplied with Bilstein shocks from the manufacturer can use the B6 or even the B8 as the suggested OEM replacements for shocks, whereas a big portion of passenger cars and some smaller SUVs will fall under the B2 twin-tube line or B4 monotube line.

Is Bilstein OEM a Good Option?

To sum it up, Bilstein is a safe brand to use when it comes to their OEM or aftermarket car parts. You cat go wrong when choosing this company’s products. Their suspension components are found on some of the most cutting-edge performance cars out there. 

If you’re looking to get yourself a set of Bilstein shocks, make sure that you’re getting them from reputable retailers such as That’s the only way to ensure that you’ll get the right part and the warranty that comes with it! 

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