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Is Mahle OEM?

Mahle is one of the most famous automotive suppliers from Stuttgart, Germany. The story of Mahle began more than a hundred years ago when Hellmuth Hirth established a small workshop for the development and manufacturing of the two-stroke engines. In late 1920, …

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Is Motul OEM?

Motul is one of the world’s best-known engine oil manufacturers. And for a good reason. This company’s dedication to innovation and quality is bar none in the industry. Yet, many are wondering is Motul OEM or not? Answering this question is difficult …

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SHW as a brand exists for more than 600 years, making it one of the oldest companies in the automotive industry. Although it was initially involved in ore mining, SHW quickly became known for its ingenuity and dedication to accomplishing things that …

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Is Hitachi OEM?

Hitachi is amongst the most famous parts manufacturers in the automotive industry. They supply parts to a number of world-renowned carmakers. Despite all of this and the company’s century-long history, many people still ask is Hitachi OEM or not. In this article, …

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Is Delphi OEM?

Despite being one of the younger companies in the automotive industry, Delphi is famous for its variety of automotive parts that are used by a number of tier-1 carmakers around the world. That being said, many people are still wondering is Delphi …

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Is Brembo OEM for Your Car?

By now, Brembo has become a synonym for high-performance brake parts. Some of the most prestigious high-performance vehicles use their brake systems today. Because of this, many people still are wondering is Brembo OEM, or are they a high performance aftermarket parts …

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Is Bilstein OEM?

Bilstein has got to be one of the most popular brands in the automotive world, at least when it comes to suspension. Their iconic blue and yellow color scheme is recognizable by car enthusiasts all over the world. Most of us have heard about …

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Is Akebono an OEM For Your Car?

Brakes are arguably the most important part of any vehicle. We’re often caught up chasing torque and horsepower figures that we forget how important it is to be able to stop on a dime. Brake system maintenance is at the core of …

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DENSO has got to be one of the most popular automotive parts brands from the East. This Japanese manufacturer has been in business for a better part of a century, manufacturing all kinds of products for a variety of industries. These days, …

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Is Aisin OEM? The Backbone of Toyota

Japanese car brands are known for producing some of the most reliable cars out there. Even the outliers such as Nissan, which have recently been eating away (thanks Renault) at this otherwise good reputation, have had a decent track run so far. …

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Is Bosch an OEM Supplier For Your Car?

Every industry out there has that one brand that is a household name. In the tech industry, it’s Apple or Intel. In the auto industry it’s Bosch. This German giant has been around for over a century and is deeply involved in …

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